The Wallverine

The Wallverine

by Jacob Kramer


The Wallverine, she started small

Gobbling the garden wall

With gnashing teeth, she made short order

Of the crunchy brick and mortar. 


And within a week or so

Vibrant blooms began to grow

Sharing space in garden rows

With pasty old white potatoes. 


Next, she ate the chain link fence

Outside a private residence

And now the kids are free to roam

And bounce on beds when no one's home.


At the Zoo, she was irate

By how people incarcerate

Snakes, giraffes, bats and the lion

In cramped boxes of wrought iron


The Wallverine, she licked her lips

Then tore the cages all to bits. 

Thanks to her, we can shake hands 

With the freed orangutans.


The Wallverine heard that Berlin

Had a massive wall to eat

But, alas to her chagrin

She arrived decades too late.

Oh, how she howled and made a din!


(For to the hungry Wallverine

A chunk of reinforced concrete

Tastes better than a hunk of meat.)


Deep down we know it would be better

Not to give her so much fodder

Poor Wallverine could get an ulcer

Feasting on the Southern border.


No more walls or barbed wire fences!

No more palisades or moats!

Such enclosures gall the senses

Let the sheep mingle with goats!


Let the people wander freely, 

Strolling, sailing, driving fast

We don't need dividers, really

Cluttering our world so vast.


As for the hungry Wallverine

Scourge of blockades, walls and screens

We'll shrink her down to squirrel scale

And feed her pebbles from a pail.

Jacob Kramer