Author Visits

Author Visits

I’m currently scheduling school visits for the coming year!

Last Spring, K-Fai and I visited over 30 schools, bookstores, libraries and gallery spaces on the West Coast. We had the opportunity to present Noodlephant to both large assemblies and intimate classrooms, and developed engaging activities to spark conversations about creativity, change and justice. Students leapt at the chance to grapple with big ideas, and generated artistic responses to the book, making their own drawings, zines, and even an opera!

I’m scheduling both half-day and whole-day visits, which can include an assembly reading, Q&A, signing, and classroom visits. Though initially written for first graders, Noodlephant's playful language and lively illustrations engage older students as well. Past classroom exercises include story-generation, rhyming verse, story structure and building suspense, as well as civics-related exercises such as power-mapping, writing letters, and participatory budgeting. I'm happy to work with teachers to find an activity that fits their curricular goals.

While standard rates apply, my author fee varies depending on the length of visit, number of presentations, special considerations, etc. 

Drop a line here, and we can start the conversation!

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Noodlephant is a child-friendly book helping students consider issues of equity and fairness, sparking important discussion among students on an appropriate level. Jacob’s activities to accompany his visit to our school were energetic and engaging. Students were talking about the visit for days, and I could not keep Noodlephant on my library shelves. I recommend Jacob’s presentation for smaller intimate groups of 100 or less.

Heather Jones, Teacher Librarian/Media Specialist

Redmond Elementary

Past visits include: Redmond Elementary (Redmond, WA), Leschi Elementary (Seattle, WA), Woodlawn Elementary (Portland, OR), Raleigh Hills Elementary (Beaverton, OR), Kelly Elementary (Portland, OR), Portland Jewish Academy (Portland, OR), Irvington Elementary (Portland, OR), Creston Elementary (Portland, OR), Markham Elementary (Portland, OR), McKinley Elementary (San Francisco, CA), St. Phillip School (San Francisco, CA), West Portal Elementary (San Francisco, CA), San Francisco Day School, Two Rock Elementary (Petaluma, CA), St. Vincent Elementary (Petaluma, CA), Meadow Elementary (Petaluma, CA), Annelise Schools (Laguna Beach, CA). Franklin Ave Elementary (Los Angeles, CA), Gallego Primary Fine Arts (Tucson, AZ), Pima County Juvenile Court Detention Center (Tucson, AZ), City and Country School (New York, NY), Brooklyn International School (Brooklyn, NY).

Noodley Arms at Franklin Avenue Elementary!