“I love Noodlephant― brilliant & necessary,
and the parable we need now.”

—Dave Eggers, Best-Selling Author, Editor, Publisher, and Co-Founder of 826 National

An interview at 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

K-Fai and I were interviewed by Jules at 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast! We shared our thoughts on the creative process of Noodlephant, and the ideas we incorporated. It was really fun to see some of K-Fai’s early sketches, some of which are below.

We were also interviewed for our Cover Reveal at 100 Scope Notes.

“It’s about a magic pasta machine. It’s about a community’s response to injustice. It’s 80 pages long. All that is to say it’s unlike any picture book I’ve read in a long time. And it’s great.”

-Travis Jonker, Author, Librarian and Kidlit blogger

Warm words from our review in Publishers Weekly:

Kramer tackles political oppression with wit, inventiveness, and a love of good food. . . Graceful black ink lines and bold color wash by newcomer Steele give the story even more comic force, capturing the joy of Elephant’s parties, the bleakness of her imprisonment, and her satisfaction as she finds a way to outwit her oppressors.

“Noodlephant is a fun, wacky look at creative civil disobedience and injustice…The pushback is creative and silly enough to get a laugh out of readers while encouraging them to think about bullying and exclusion.“

—Rosemary Kiladitis, Mom Read It

“This is the book to lead the revolution and this message is vital. Enjoy and standing ovation to Jacob Kramer and K-fai Steele for this timely collaboration.”

-Jessica Sweedler DeHart, Wandering Bookseller

“This book totally surprised me in many ways!  First of all, it’s longer than an average picture book – 80 pages.  Second, I thought it was about an elephant who loves pasta – WRONG!  It’s actually a story about injustice, civil rights, and peaceful protests.  But it’s also wacky, fun, and filled with great word play and delightful illustrations!”

Adrienne Gear, ReadingPowerGear

Nary was there a more perfect picture book. A beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated tale that inspires kindness, generosity, and sticking up to social unjust.  In short this is the type of book the world always needs more of. Noodlephant is a lovable and strong protagonist, nicknamed after her passion for noodles. . . This book will not only make you crave more noodles in your life asap, it will make you hungry to go change the world."

The Reading Ninja, via Instagram